Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Sweep me up in your love again

Right now I'm literally sitting in the dark. Not because I want to but because there's no electricity in my area due to a load shedding situation the country I'm in is currently facing.

So here I am, too lazy to light up a candle but at the same time enjoying this feeling of tranquility and serenity. The only thing I'm hearing is the clock ticking and the music from my cell phone, which is why I'm writing to you guys. While listening to the soft and peaceful music I came across this new single by Hillsong. It really spoke to my heart as it talks about the supremacy of God which is something each one of us can relate to, one way or another. I mean I walk around and I see God presence in everything. I look at table mountain (Cape Town) and I fail even to fathom at how huge this God is. So big that not even the universe can contain Him yet humble and loving enough to dwell in my little heart.

The song goes on and talks about surrendering yourself to God and laying your life down for Him which is again so very important. Don't get me wrong, it's never easy to completely surrender everything to God, it's not easy to just let go, I myself am still working on that but He is so Gracious that He'll sustain you if you just let go. Quit trying to earn His love by doing whatever. He loves you, not because of your talent, not because of your appearance but rather because He knew you before the foundation of the earth and He's called you by name (Isaiah 43:1). All you have to do is surrender and let him work on you. Let go of whatever you did in the past, you've repented and He forgave you. Let go of the pain. Let go of that abuse you faced so many years ago. Forgive the people who hurt you and set yourself free. Don't fix your eyes on the waves in the tempest but rather on The One who is able to make the storm obey when He says: "Peace be still". Fix your eyes on what truly matters and let freedom find you. Let Him "sweep you up in His love again" as He's been waiting for you to come back to Him.
So guys I'd really encourage you all to listen to that song. It doesn't matter if you're not Christian or whatever. Just listen to the song. The title is "Touch the Sky". I put the video for you just below this post so you have no reason not to listen to the song. Okay, time to light up these candles now.

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