Friday, 15 May 2015

You are beautiful

I may not be the perfect girl
I may not look like a pearl
But what I borne in my heart is authentic
What comes out of my mouth brings life

What emanates from my presence is prestigious
And so I'll use this gift from God
to which I'm still not very acquainted
and show you that you too are beautiful inside out
You too are powerful no matter what

You're a genius even though you don't believe it
You're pretty even though those clothes won't fit
Who said you had to conform to some rules?
Thin, fat, slender, chubby girls listen to me and trust me when I say this
You're personalities are too big to be confined in a box of rules
A box telling you how you should look like

Look in the mirror
And fall in love with that reflection
Embrace that person looking back at you
She is unique and one of a kind
She has ideas and opinions others don't have
Her unique laughter would melt the most frozen heart
Her unique fingers are designed to one day interlock with the fingers of that handsome man who sees you for who you truly are

A beautiful, powerful, smart, audacious and charismatic woman

 Created to inspire
Designed to encourage

No matter what they say
Remember that
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.