Friday, 10 April 2015

I'm back!!!

Okay guys!

This is very awkward as I remember when I first started this blog I was so excited and I promised myself not to be one of those bloggers who post stuff in I don't know how many years.

Here I am writing after about a year. Many things happened but I don't have any excuse for this. So guys I apologize for my carelessness and I promise that this will never happen again. If I run out of inspiration and have to post about my rabbit –that I haven't gotten yet, then I'll do it. I want you guys to know how serious I am about this. Many may think that I am wasting my time but the private messages of encouragement I get show me that I am actually making a difference and my posts are not just a droplet  in the ocean but I believe –like the Dalai Lama that just like ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water so do my actions have far-reaching effects that not even I can fathom.

So guys, keep reading, keep those messages coming as they do mean a lot to me.



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